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With projects like The Big Fish, Miami interior design firm MONIOMI seizes the opportunity to create contemporary and high-end interior designs that highlight Miami’s local beauty. Our roots lie in Miami, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, so as we bring in inspiration and design from all over the world we never forget to bring authentic Miami aesthetics and culture into the mix. With more than 20 years of combined experience in commercial, hospitality, and high-end residential interior design, MONIOMI provides clients with innovative interiors that are thoughtful and timeless.
We offer full-service interior design for projects of any scale, custom art and furniture design, graphic design, space planning, budget, and project management. From the planning stages of pre-construction homes to luxury renovations of historic estates, MONIOMI’s residential portfolio encompasses a large range of practices that include investment properties, decorating, architecture, and landscape architecture consulting. The team prides itself on their ability to stay on the edge of design trends that they combine with classic pieces to create spaces that are refined yet functional. Their recognizable urban aesthetic mixes raw elements with rich colors and patterns that are specifically chosen to reflect each client’s distinctive personality and style.

Featured Residential: The Ornamental
The Ornamental, a proud feature in Miami interior design firm MONIOMI’s portfolio of projects, this high-end residential home is the epitome of contemporary opulence. Integrating the owner’s previously-owned European inspired design pieces with an original and fresh concept, we embraced her individual style and created a pathway to let shine within the pre-existing, ultra-contemporary space. Creating a balance between juxtaposing elements such as elaborate themes with organic and natural shapes, we brought forth eye-catching and a flowing dramatic effect.
We achieved this through custom-designed pieces, like the marble dining room table topped with a dramatic artistic pattern, and the expansive full-wall headboard in the bedroom, which integrates soft linen and sturdy brass. As well as the glamorous driftwood entertainment center with its natural grasscloth covering, and the dining room display credenza that seamlessly weaves together wood, leather, brass, and mirrors for a symphony of textures.

The Ornamental

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